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We received these great pictures from one of our clients using our wall racks. Nice layout

Loving our new lock box,

November 14, 2015

4 Tier Poly Gun Rack Review: After looking for a way to display guns on a counter top in our shop, I decided to give these poly gun stands a try. I am so glad I did. They are FANTASTIC! Our guns are displayed beautifully on the counter and have opened up so much space! We were able to display the guns with scopes on the top tier and saved space by purchasing the regular size display rack instead of the rack specifically designed for guns with scopes. They assemble very easily and what’s even more important to us is that they are so versatile. We can use them to hold pool cues, fishing rods, and just about anything. In additional to the functionality, they come apart with the turn of a wheel for easy flat storage when not in use. After my first purchase, I came back for more. They are so durable, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. These fixtures are a must for gun shows, retailers, and even displaying your home collection! Thank you for offering such a wonderful, unique product.
Warmest Regards, Mike and Gwendy Volpe Austin, TX

February 2015

I love it!!  See picture attached.  My new Marlin Cowboy .357!! It’s the first thing you see when you come in my door!!  Use the picture on your page if you like.  BTW – shipping was very fast and uncomplicated.  I put it together and mounted it in 30 minutes!!
Very satisfied customer!!

May 2014
I just wanted to thank you for such great service and for supporting the veterans.
Had called an order in for a vertical gun rack with lock box for my husband.  He loves it, and it looks great on the wall.

Thank you, so very much.
Connie Dreistadt
Barnwell, SC

May 2014
I finally got the chance today to open the box and assemble the oak vertical guns racks.  Assembly was quick and simple, with idiot-proof instructions.  The assembled racks are beautifully cut and stained, the fit is perfect, and the racks are very sturdy.  They are exactly what I was hoping for.  And the flag pin made my day.

Thank you!
Rich Lang

March 2014
Good evening, went out to get the newspaper out of the box this am at 6:30 am and was pleasantly surprised to find our package in the box, delivered last night?
Already installed and hung the rifle alongside the other….looks great.
Thank you for a great product, made in the USA (!) and outstanding customer service!!!!!  It was exactly what we needed to properly display the Henry’s.
Take care, many blessings and good health to you and your family.

March 2014
I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the beautiful Oak Wood Mounts. They looked better in person!  I’m very pleased with the service and product.. Again thanks for the mounts.

November 2013

Hello Steve and Jan,

Well, a double compliment to you both.

Never had a package from the States in such a short time.
Received the rack last saturday in very good order.

Secondly, what a beautiful rack it is. very fine materials and finish.
Holds now 4 Winchester models, 2 airguns and one model of a
M1 Carbine (Winchester made) . Place for one more………
I will send you a photograph one of these days.
And of course, thanks for the US-flag pin, quit a surprise !!!

With many regards.

October 2013

I just wanted to say the gun racks look great, but this email is mostly to tell you how much my husband and I really appreciated the America flag pin and the card. He and I are both members of the Army and we have never received anything like this with an order before. I know it takes extra time, effort, and money for you to include those in your orders, so I wanted to take the time to say thank you and express my gratitude for your kindness and appreciation of service members. This will put a smile on our faces every time we think about it, and I am sure that will be often.

Thank you very much!
From a military family,
Sonja Gould

September 2013

I just ordered 3 more of the poly rifle racks.  I have been using one for years and am constantly asked “where can I get one.”  Fortunately, the stickers are still legible and folks are always writing down your phone number so they can order theirs.  I am always amazed by how versatile, portable and reliable these racks are!  As you can see from the picture, they get used pretty hard and you can also see the “extra” machinegun on the end which is why I ordered more!  When it’s not at the range, the rack is in my garage next to my safes and it gets used regularly as a “staging” area to figure out which guns will go on the range trip and also works awesome to rack them when I return from the range with dirty guns – they sit in the rack dirty and as I clean them, they then get tucked into the safes.  Thanks for making an awesome product and for supporting veterans.  I am one and certainly appreciate what you do!  Sincerely, Barry Anderson.

DSC_0007Picture taken at an invite-only machinegun shoot in Tucson, Arizona.  I’m taking it along with the three racks I just ordered to “The Big Sandy” which is a public machinegun shoot in Arizona and is a 3 day event.  I will pass out all of the business cards you wish to send me.


June 2013

Just wanted to send you a special thank you for your wonderful service that wouldn’t get lost in the order form. Quality customer service is a rare beast these days and we were very impressed with the quality customer care you provided. We also appreciate the nod you give to vets through your veteran’s discount. After 23 years of active duty service we also find fewer nods of appreciation to duty and service to country. You are a breath of fresh air. We feel you honorably represent the way patriotic Americans nation wide would have our country represented.

Thank you. May God bless your business and family.

Warmest Regards,
Mike and Johnna Jones

May 2013

I wanted to thank-you for the great product and customer service.  I received your rack last Friday and put it up on Saturday.  I did not expect it to be so nice.  I really liked the felt on the bottom section.  The American flag lapel pin was a welcome surprise.  I will recommend your product to anyone looking for a crossbow rack.


Christopher W. Lewis

October 2012

Thank you very much for the stand which arrived in good order and went together faster than I could get my feet “on the yellow footprints” at Parris Island boot camp some 46 years ago this past 9-9-12. It proudly provides a home for a WASR AK-47 assault rifle, a Savage .300 winmag long range hunter, a Mossberg 410 shotgun, and a beautiful Mosin-Nagant (circa 1943) Russian sniper rifle which I have recently “sporterized” to include a Monte Carlo stock and long range laser. The Mossberg pistol grip 12 gauge 6 round pump shotgun has to stand against the wall next to my side of the bed in case an uninvited “guest” appears in our home in the early AM. As Gomer Pyle put it, “soo-prize, soo-prize”.

Thank you also for the beautiful flag pin which I’ll wear proudly on my lapel. That and your note card is very well appreciated. You said “grateful for your service”, well, it is I who was gratefully honored to wear the USMC uniform and go off to war as so many more courageous men and women than I have done throughout our history.

Now, if we as patriots can simply do our next duty at hand, which is to encourage, explain to, and even drive to the polls anyone who is willing to vote to install a professional in the White House, we’ll be OK. I do not  fear many things in this world, but I certainly do fear the ramifications another four years of socialist mismanagement, dereliction of duty, and apologetic policy will wreak upon the USA.

Continued success, God Bless (GOD HELP) the USA,

Larry M

September 2012

The gun rack arrived today.  (1 day early) And I could not be more pleased with the workmanship and quality of materials use.  Went together quick and easy.  Was pleasantly surprised to see the mounting holes were drilled 16″ apart.  Great for attaching to the studs in the wall.  I also want to thank you so much for the card and pen that you were thoughtful enough to include with my order.  You are a class act and will buy from you again.

February 2012

Thanks so much for “real time” delivery of my order and the added benefit of the pin-on American Flag = as a veteran you guys are “ALRIGHT”. Thank you for the card, you are sincerely welcome and have passed it on to a more severely injured vet than me – those cards are awesome and if I could receive more, I will gladly hand them out to our veterans. It feels really good that folks like you remember why we are “free”. My hat is off to you.

After retiring from the U.S. Army, I decided to continue supporting the Warfighters with the best clothing and individual equipment that would bring more Soldiers home with fewer injuries – our efforts are paying off. I work for Product Manager Soldier Clothing and Equipment who supplies, basically everything a soldier wears and find it a real honor that companies such as you, take the time to: 1) recognize “us” all and 2) that you discount your product(s) to give us a price break – thank you. I am 90% disabled veteran, but my disabilities don’t compare to those who lost arms and legs. However, I sincerely thank you for your very kind recognition that is not normally found in businesses.

Best regards,
Danny M Carter

December 2011

I just received my gun rack on Saturday and I am very happy with the quality of it. I’m sure my son will enjoy receiving it on Christmas.
Thanks for making good quality American products! Merry Christmas!
Dawna McGrath

September 2011

When I ordered this Vertical Poly 10 gun rack I did not realize what a quality piece it is. I have assembled it and it is presently holding all my long arms. What I really want to say is, if you want a REALLY great rack that will, FOR CERTAIN, stand the test of time, then buy this one without reservations of any kind. It is, without question, the best rack of its kind for the money. I can best say it this way, if I find I need another, I WILL be buying another one of these. And the people and service are tops.

Randy Sanders
Franklin, GA

December 2010

I received the gun rack today and it is even better than expected. Excellent craftsmanship. The stain color matches the other furniture in my office perfectly.
I am very impressed.

Also thanks for the flag pin. I will wear it proudly. My wife was also excited with the way you shipped the rack. The packing material was newspaper and she immediately spotted a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath, and Beyond. She has been waiting for another coupon to finish her Christmas shopping.

Happy holidays to all of your staff.

Kent R

November 2010

We have your bullshooter and have sighted in our shotguns and muzzleloaders with ease.  The ice fishing pole holder is another product we have purchased from you and we love it.  Your products and customer service is top-notch.

Thanks Tom A

October 2010

Received the vertical gun rack and it is great. Nice workmanship and good fit.


November 2009

I am very pleased with the quality of workmanship. It’s nice to know people still care about their work.

Thanks ….. Steve Reynolds

November, 2009

The two polymer racks were delivered yesterday, assembled and in service in 15 minutes.  You produce an excellent product this design suits my needs perfectly.  Thank you for processing my order so promptly.

All the best,  John

October, 2009

Received my order today. Great product at a great price.  Surpassed my expectations.

 I had difficulty finding you, just got lucky with Google.  Tried Cabela’s and lots of other sporting goods stores.  You should see if Cabela’s, etc. would handle your product line.  Regardless, I’ll be tell my hunting friends.  I really feel good.  Like I got my money’s worth and more.  Unusual in today’s world.  Please, you can tell anyone/everyone I’m a happy customer.

 Denny Fanetti, MO

July 2009

Just wanted to let you know that your (Vertical wall rack) product assembles real easy with only a screwdriver and also looks great. It is very rigid after I mounted it in a walk in closet about three and a half feet up from the floor.
Thanks for the quick process and delivery,
Ken Clark

April 2009

The single oak  gun  rack was just want I wanted  and more. I just received it today the 22 nd. I will always keep you folks in mind and will pass on your web to my friends and I really appreciate as being a vet  the discount  and  kind words.  Very appreciative:

Earl Kightlinger
Washington, pa.

January 2009

I received the display stand today and I am very impressed, thank you for the quick shipping and a top of the line quality product, I was going to make one out of wood that is almost identical to this one but do not have the time right now, I am very picky about items like this and I again must tell you how pleased I am with it. Thanks Again!John Alexander

January 19, 2009

You must get a lot of these but thought I would send you the end result of your product shipped to me. I’m very pleased. Thanks.
Steve Snider
Wynnewood (Philadelphia) PA
Musket is a Norfolk Contract 1861 Springfield made in 1863.

November 22, 2008

Hi – I ordered my 3-gun oak wooden rack Thursday, and it got here in this afternoon’s mail just two days later! It’s already put together and mounted on my wall and looks great. I had looked everywhere for a well made gun rack and could just find poorly made kits out of pine from China at places like Walmart and BassPro. Thanks for the great service.

Ed White

October 9, 2008

Thank you very much for your extra attention and making sure the gun rack arrived in a timely fashion at no extra charged (extra thank you there) for my husband’s birthday. He LOVED it! I suggested 3 different places for him to install it in our camper at hunt camp, all of which will work, and he’s already thinking of an additional rack that will hold 4 guns, one of the poly ones so the rack with guns can rest on the back of the truck or on a table when we are in between hunting and at camp. Thank you very much, you have great customer service and I expect to have more sales with you in the near future.
Thank you again,

May 21, 2008

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks very much for the outstanding service ! The rack arrived in the mail yesterday and looks great with the British 1858 Snyder Enfield over my fireplace.


April 17, 2008

Hello folks.  I’m dropping you a line to let you know how pleased I am with your rifle rest kit that mounts on a stick or tripod.  I shoot precision air rifles (Don’t laugh.  These guns are not toys.)  and wanted something to take out in the field. I use a camera tripod.   These rests allow for very accurate shooting.  I have mentioned them on the “Yellow” Airgun Forum to the other shooters.  I know that some of the guys will be ordering some too.  Thanks for creating a great product.
John Conway 

  Hi Grandpa,
I just wanted to say thank you for inventing the Bullshooter rifle rest. My Dad and I went to the range to sight in my new Rifle and it only took two shots to sight it in (Wow). I was so excited to be on my first rifle hunt, when that big Doe made the mistake of getting into my crosshairs (Boom!!) the rest is history…
Thank you Grandpa!

Brian Gage
Sioux Falls, SD

I must admit I was disappointed when this old “Sandbagger” realized what the Bullshooters was. I’ve never had a problem zeroing in my scopes, but with youthful enthusiasm on a very cold day, I started busting caps.  I used my Remington 721 30-06 with a Tasco World Class wide angle 2.5 x 8.4 mm scope mounted on a B-sq see thru mount.I shot Federal classed 150 gr. Hi-shok sp’s.  This combination has been a very effective “Antelope getter” but what I found was, my zero was not zero.  With the Bullshooter I quickly re-zeroed my “06” very simply!  What an easy way to check your zero.  Just shoot, strap, adjust and go collect your trophy.  Knowing your zero survived the trip is a big confidence booster.  It will go on all future hunts.I shot up some deer slugs with my 870 and it still “shoots em” like a rifle.  I took my Ruger Mark II, collapsed the back rest, and used the front rest and re-adjusted my iron sights.  The Bullshooter is so much better than the sandbags, shooters sticks, truck hoods, etc.  Being of the “old school”, sandbags were always “goodenuf”.  The rest of you sandbaggers need to check this out. The Bullshooters is so quick and easy.  It is so strong and durable that I am going to keep in my truck.  It will travel with me on all future hunts with the Bullbox attached.  This was a very enjoyable test.P.S. my Bullshooter is already out on loan.Brian Gage
Sioux Falls, SD

Terry Faber Maj. (Ret), USAF
Grand Junction, CO

 After notification that I was to test the new “Bullshooter” I could not wait for it to arrive.  When it did, I immediately began reading the instructions and testing it.The new “Bullshooter” is a light weight, compact, portable, self-contained, shooting system that I would recommend as an accessory for all shooters.   It is available in black, oak or pine finish. Being self-contained the only parts stored inside the rest are the front stabilizer bar, a height shim, two metal pins and two rubber straps to hold the gun in place. It only takes 10 to 15 seconds to assemble the rest for use.  All that is required is to turn the carrying handle to unlock it, pivot the front and rear gun rests into place and screw the front stabilizer bar in place.   It’s that simple!Its simplicity is outstanding yet it performed admirably and is extremely steady.  I used the rest at the rifle range three times to sight in three high powered rifles in preparation for our big game season.  Once a three shot group was completed with a rifle all that was needed to finish sighting it in was to adjust the scope to the point of impact while holding the rifle on the original point of aim.  Each rifle was sighted in in less than 10 minutes.  I also used it at the rifle range to re-check my rifles prior to departure for our hunt.  I found holding forward pressure on the front rest with my thumb helped to hold point of aim when shooting.After hunting season I used the rest to clean four rifles and a shotgun.  Again the system performed outstanding holding the guns firmly in place for cleaning.As the sporting goods manager of the store where I work, I also used the new “Bullshooter” to mount bases, rings and scopes on rifles for our customers.  Again it worked great.Other uses of the new “bullshooter” include instructors teaching novice proper sight pictures for open and peep sights and proper trigger squeeze.  To perform maintenance on firearms.  To check scopes for parallax.  Use with spotting scope attached to an old stock for spotting game or at the range.  Finally for varmint shooting at long ranges i.e. prairie dogs and coyotes.Terry Faber Maj. (Ret), USAF
Grand Junction, CO

 Travis Green
Palestine, TX

The Bullshooter is a very handy and useful tool.  I used it to clean my rifles and was very satisfied with its ease of use.   While using the Bullshooter to sight in rifles, it held rifles securely in place and was very easy to adjust to zero in the rifle.

I also fish alot and used the Bullshooter to hold a fishing rod and reel while I put new line on my reel.  The only problem I had was with my hunting friends trying to take the Bullshooter home with them.

Todd Scheulke

I had the pleasure of using the Bull Shooter today before work…and everything thst I said was completley true…you have a great product!! The two of you were great to deal with and in today’s hustle and bustle of sports shows I am sure the routine can get a bit old.

Top notch product and top notch people to deal with.

I have already written a review and posted it on the 3 web sites that I help run, RimFirecentral.com, atvquadsquad.com and atvnation.com. I do this because I truly believe that you product offers the very best of everything, compactness, ease of use, reliability, durability, storage and the backing of an excellent indusrty standard warranty and not to mention your outstanding ability to smile while withstanding 3 days of non stop questions, comments, and naysayers that visit sports shows.

Keep up the great work!!! As you have a great product that many of my shooting friends will want

Ronald Spohm
Round Rock TX
I did the testing at a friends ranch in central Texas.  First I used the Bullshooter to check sights on my varmint gun.   It did a very good job of holding the gun very steady and keeping the scope on the target.  The Bullshooter made it much easier than using sandbags or other objects.   Next, I was sighting in my 30-06 deer rifle, and found that the Bullshooter also held it very steady.  Holding it as steady as it does, I found that it takes less shots to sight the scope in.  Also I found it to be a very good device to carry in the field to steady the rifle when shooting at game or varmints.

The design of the Bullshooter is very practical for it has the handle for carrying and pops up for quick use.  I find the design very well thought out.  I would suggest this product for the serious hunter or target shooter.  I found it to be an overall good device for the shooter to use.

Mike Kennedy, OhioPicture of my son, James, 1st buck and my daughter, Sarahs, 1st buck both shot in Ohio. James and Sarah were both 12 years old at the time. James shot his two years ago and Sarah this past fall. We use the Bull Shooter to sight in the Knight MK-85 50cal muzzleloader that James used and the Rem 1100 12ga. shotgun used by Sarah.

Larry & Brad Banfill
We love our Bullshooters!

Steve Sr & Junior, Lowell, Michigan
The Bullshooter makes sighting in so EASY!

Steve & Son Dan, Lowell, Michigan
The only way to sight in our black powder guns
is with our Bullshooter

I just placed an order with your company and I was very pleased to see a military discount. I will go out of my way to order from your site because of your patriotism. My hat is off to you.

Thank you,

Lance T. Parker, Sr.
585th Sig. Spt., 7th Army
Böblingen, Germany 1959 – 1961

The rifle rack came yesterday and I mounted it last night. You know when I was a kid everyone that took shop class is school made one of these things, I guess if you did that today you would be kicked out of school. Anyway, it looks and works great and I just wanted to say thanx J


Did our first show weekend before last with the new fold-up rifle display racks.  They worked great!  I’m happy with the purchase and happy to have the product.  If things get where I need more of them I’ll definitely be giving you a shout.   Thanks again.

Alan Shackleford
Shooter’s Shack
Poplar Bluff, MO

I would just like to let you know I bought a Bullshooter when you first started selling them. You offered them in oak, pine and the “new” poly one. Mine poly bullshooter is grayish white. I talked with you at the local gun show near my home and bought one of the poly ones. Since then I moved a few times, got married and have kids. I for got about my bullshooter until I found it while I was cleaning a out my hunting closet and found it. I rediscovered how easy it is to use and how much fun I had shooting with it. Recently I went to the range with a few buddies to sight in for deer gun season, My buddies loved it so much, I had to watch them so my bullshooter didn’t go missing in action again. Thanks for a wonderful product and keep up the good work.

Mike Oehme
Parma, Ohio

The portable rifle rack arrived today in great shape. It will work wonderfully on our vendor table at the gun shows. And it is light enough for me to carry with out any strain.


Really quick shipping, excellent quality products. You run a terrific business!

Robert Smith
Cummings, GA