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OH Products

7429 Lindsey Rd.
Plainwell, Michigan 49080

OH Products is a small business established in 1992 by myself and my wife, Jan.

The Bullshooter is our biggest selling product, with it’s unique design and portability. It was designed to sight in any scoped rifle, shotgun or black powder with only a few rounds of ammo. In 1998 we introduced the Bullshooter for handguns.

Our unique design for both Bullshooters has a patent and our Bullshooters has been registered.

The Bullshooters are made of black, high-impact polyethylene and built to last. Both have an optional accessory box that attaches with spring loaded pins to carry your ammo, targets, cleaning supplies, etc. The accessory box’s are also made of black poly to match.

All of our products are quality built by Jan and I in Orangeville, Michigan. They are fully guaranteed and warranted. Our goal is to supply our customers with an outstanding product that they will be fully satisfied with.

The repeated success of our products through customer referrals has encouraged us to expand our offerings through our web site and a number of quality sporting goods stores throughout the country.

Steve & Jan Banfill

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